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almost there…


Today is my “Friday” and I so can’t wait to get home. We have a mission trip meeting tonight at 6 but it shouldn’t be too long and there will be dinner too hehe. Then I’m off to the house to start laundry and whatever else I’ve been neglecting. Tomorrow will be a busy day with getting the oil changed on the car and more laundry and packing and cleaning. I always hate to leave the boys but I’m so happy and excited to see both mine and Justin’s families for the holidays. I’m ready for some turkey hehe. My sister Erin is bringing two of her dogs with her that I haven’t gotten a chance to meet yet. Hopefully they will let us sleep. Now if I could just make it through the rest of the work day.

no bun in this oven


Hey guys! I just wanted to update you. No worries…there is no bun in this oven. Hopefully that won’t be a problem for quite some time hehe. I guess I’m just a pig 😉 Nah…I’ve been a little better the past day or so, so I think it was just a hormonal thing 😉 gotta love hormones hehe.

Happy Friday everyone!



that’s it! I officially declare myself as having a problem! It seems all I’ve been doing lately is eating and eating and never getting full. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was eating veggies and fruits and necessary items. Noooo I have to eat chocolate and candy and cheese. What is up!?! I’ve been trying to brush it off as my “hibernating” munchies for the winter season. I don’t know what it is but I hope it stops soon or it will be a long winter and I just might eat Justin and I out of house and home 😉 hehe

quick dreams


I had a few quick dreams last night/this morning. One of them I didn’t remember until I heard Justin turn the shower water on this morning. I dreamt that Justin had taken a shower before me and I went to turn the water on and he had faced the shower head outwards and I got soaked. I also had a dream that there were 2 Apaches and 2 Pixels. I had to figure out which ones were the “bad” ones and get them out of the house. Each time I thought I had gotten the right ones out, they would run back in the door before I could get it closed. I feel like I had more dreams but for now I can’t recall them. Any dream analysts out there that can interpret those? haha

Last night Justin and I went over to a fellow team member’s house for our Mission trip meeting. We each brought a dish and had a great meal. The snickers pie was great too! Brad along with Russian friends: Mischa, Ina, and Irina were there. We all had a great time and we learned a few words in Russian. Don’t ask me to spell them haha. I am so looking forward to going on this trip. I know that God will truly bless us and this mission and those that we will try to reach. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much for all your support.

a whole new POS system


Lately we’ve been working hard in the Bookstore. We are finally joining the rest of the world with some technology. This week we received a new POS system and now instead of pricing and depricing books and ringin them up manually, we don’t have to price them and can SCAN them at the register! I’m so excited and I know my right hand is too especially knowing I won’t have to write anymore vouchers!!! well…that is if IS can get their acts together and get things working. This means not so long lines, two registers that are fully functional to process credit cards, department charges, cash, checks, gift cards, and vouchers. Now if only the books would bag themselves haha. So, as you can see I’ve been busy with training for the POS system. It is soooooo user friendly. A bit too user friendly. I hope it will be a smooth transition. Also we’ve already received about 80% of our books for the Spring semester. They are all currently checked in and shelved. Just a little reorganizing is necessary.

People never cease to amaze me in their ignorance. Every semester I try my hardest to find new more obvious ways to keep people out of the book section. People just can’t help but get so excited about Spring books so early. They just can’t stay out. We can have hundreds of unpacked boxes everywhere and they will climb over them just to see if their book is here. They will even ask if we can find it for them in the boxes. This semester I got a bright orange posterboard and Erica wrote “DO NOT ENTER Books not available til Dec 1st”….what do you know…they walk right past it. We’ve even tried police tape, packing tape, boxes blocking the aisle ways, chairs, everything and they climb right through it. I just wish I could get an electric fence. That would be fun to watch haha.

Yesterday we were closed all day except from 12-1:30. Right on the outside of the door was a big sign that was at eye level telling the customers that. At 11:30 a woman just walked right in and was so confused when we told her we were closed. The door was closed and the sign was up. Crazy crazy people I tell you! Well…at least I felt smarter by the end of the day 😉 haha.

Everyone have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Rascal Flatts Baby!


Well…today has been busy busy with about 300 boxes of books coming in and 45 middle schoolers. Erin stopped by on her way home to mom and dad’s. I’m just about worn out BUT…tonight justin and i are Greenville bound (SC that is) to the Bi-Lo center to see my favorite band Rascal Flatts!!! I’m so excited!!! They have their new CD out so go get a copy. So far I haven’t been disappointed with any of their CDs. I love EVERY song. Julie Roberts is set to open for them and Gary Alan was supposed to but cancelled due to the death of his wife. Have I mentioned we are sitting in ROW 17!!! I’m so excited! Mandy from work is going too! Maybe we will spot each other.

Once we finally get home we will have to get right to bed. Tomorrow is our church’s auction at Pleasant Ridge. We are trying to raise money for our mission trip to Moscow. Everyone come if you can! You won’t leave empty handed and there will be food! Wish us luck and for those of you that pray please pray for us and those that don’t….please start!