Every year…well since last year, I’ve thrown a Halloween Party for the Bookstore crew. This year Justin and I get to have it at our own house! We spent all day yesterday cleaning…and I mean allllll day…well after work. I must say that I love our house! The living room looks more and more like home everyday. Last night we hung up some of our curtains and it really made the place look warm and welcoming. We planted most of the pansies that we bought while in Brevard. I can’t wait til they start to spread and really bloom. The house just looks so good and I hope it stays like that for awhile. Everyone is coming around 5 when I get off work. We got a pumpkin for them to carve and will get pizzas and a movie. I’m ready to have a great, fun night! It’s always nice to spend time with people at work after hours just to have fun.

Can you believe Justin and I spent our 1 month anniversary cleaning???

Well I must get to work. I’ve got to estimate sales and then order. Then sit back and watch the flood gates open.

Have a great Tuesday!