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I just thought I would add that Justin recently taught me how to change our electric sockets. Ours were off white and when we painted, it just didn’t look right so we changed them to white to match the trim…that someone still hasn’t finished *cough cough*…nah, at least we got some curtains to cover some of it up hehe and he did do the main big window. I love you honey! But anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Justin is awesome for teaching me that and I can’t wait to learn something else. I love it!

Basically anything…


Ok, so it’s Friday afternoon and I’m at work. The septic man is outside the Bookstore pumping the literal loads and loads from the septic tank. It does not smell good. I’ve already eaten 3 cupcakes today and I am anxiously awaiting 4:30pm when I can finally leave for the weekend. I don’t know what is up lately. I mean, I don’t dislike overcast/foggy days but I think that having them continually really does take a toll at least on me. I’ve been eating like I haven’t eaten something in a year. I’ve been ready for bed by 8pm each night. I DON’T want to get up in the mornings. I basically haven’t been motivated to do anything. At work this past week I was supposed to take Monday and maybe Tuesday to estimate Spring book sales before ordering. I managed to stretch it out all the way until today. That is so not like me. I’m usually right on things. I’m assigned them and I don’t stop until I’m finished. Oh well, all in all it hasn’t been a bad week, just a week for slack. I know I’ll make up for it in the weeks to come when the new books arrive and when I have to order them. I’m excited though…we no longer have to price the books. Our new POS which will be installed on the 8th will allow us to scan EVERYTHING!!!

On another topic….Lunsford got me reading the Winston-Salem news online. When she was my room mate she always read it and it has a “weird news” section on it that is most of the time entertaining. Today I read about some 16 year old twins that both made a 1600 on the SAT. I’m interested in hearing what your opinion is on that one…Justin said in his blog that he was turning off my comments for a few days but don’t give up on me, I still want to hear and who knows maybe he will still get them and share them with me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! and please…no phone calls before 10! 😉 This weekend is Homecoming and my first game at the new GWU stadium…if it doesn’t rain.



I’m sure Matt is going to love this…

I was reading my usual news sites this morning and I happened across this article. It looks like there is going to be a new box of crayola crayons coming out that has a crayon named after each state. Ours is going to be “Grape Hatteras”. Enjoy the article!



I would blog on the other site but Justin did mention making it over so I’ll just stick to my blog for the time being. All is well in marriage so far and looks like blue sky as far as we can see. God really has blessed us with an awesome marriage and everything we need! Now if only he could get the cats to stop pooping on the floor! It just started a week or so ago…i was sprinkling cleaning powder on the carpet and stepped in it. I cleaned it up and sprayed it to death with lysol and later febreeze. Now it seems that everyday there is a little treat waiting for us when we get home. One night Apache even did it right in front of us! Does anyone have any ideas what is up and how to stop it? The bright side…at least our carpet is staying clean haha.



The party was a blast! We had approximately 13 people show up. I lost count after awhile. Wayne even had a chance to stop by after teaching his class and a few of us stayed to watch “Gothika”. What a confusing and suspenseful movie. I liked it a lot! Those of you that watched and enjoyed “Identity” you will love this one! The house wasn’t too bad of a cleanup afterwards. The cats came out and socialized a bit too. Especially Pixel. Apache hid under our comforter for awhile. Have I told you lately how awesome my husband is? Without even one complaint or moan he stepped up to the challenge of helping me clean house before and after the party. Thanks honey for being so supportive! I love you!



Every year…well since last year, I’ve thrown a Halloween Party for the Bookstore crew. This year Justin and I get to have it at our own house! We spent all day yesterday cleaning…and I mean allllll day…well after work. I must say that I love our house! The living room looks more and more like home everyday. Last night we hung up some of our curtains and it really made the place look warm and welcoming. We planted most of the pansies that we bought while in Brevard. I can’t wait til they start to spread and really bloom. The house just looks so good and I hope it stays like that for awhile. Everyone is coming around 5 when I get off work. We got a pumpkin for them to carve and will get pizzas and a movie. I’m ready to have a great, fun night! It’s always nice to spend time with people at work after hours just to have fun.

Can you believe Justin and I spent our 1 month anniversary cleaning???

Well I must get to work. I’ve got to estimate sales and then order. Then sit back and watch the flood gates open.

Have a great Tuesday!



Well Mandino, I was about to post an entry like I am now and tell you my opinion on your job situation. I guess it won’t be necessary now huh? haha Sorry I’m a little behind. I have been reading your blog. I just haven’t had the chance to comment. I was going to tell you that if going back to school is what you really wanted then I would go for the job, but I am glad that it didn’t work out because you seem happiest where you are now. Something will come along that will work out for you going back to school. Maybe you could ask the people you work for now or maybe another job will pop up soon.

For all of you that don’t know who Mandino is, she is my bestest friend! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding almost a month ago (this Saturday will be a month). She came early on Friday before the wedding and kept me sane. She is so awesome! I don’t get to spend enough time with her these days. Time slips by and before we both know it, it’s been another month and we haven’t seen each other. To show you just how awesome she is…On my wedding day she came to pick me up at Heather’s bright and early. I opened the door to find her with 2 cups of hot chocolate (like the old days before high school in the mornings). She knew just what to do. Then she continued to keep me calm all morning. She brought me to the hair place and took pictures of me getting ready and helped me to breathe. She was and is always there for me! I love you Mandino!

I hope that sometime soon we can get together and go to Huddle House for our strawberry shortcake and chocolate milk 😉 I miss you!



I hope you all haven’t given up on me yet. I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. Believe me I have plenty to say (as Justin might say, Don’t I always?) I just have been in a blogging rut lately. I thought things would slow down some once the wedding was over. Now I have other stresses. I’ve been working on Inventory at work. We are getting ready to order Spring books.

The past few days have been revival at Crestview. It really is so awesome to see all the people that came and to feel God’s presence. And to see Him working in all our lives. I can’t tell you the times I got goosebumps just listening to Jeremy sing praises to God. The youth did a “stickin with Jesus” presentation. I wish you all could see it!

I really will make myself sit down at the computer one night and just blog my heart out. I just feel that by the time I get home and sit down it’s time for bed or at least I wish it was. This Saturday Justin and I are helping at the Crestview yard sale. It starts at 7am and we will need to be there early to set up. We live about 20 minutes away. It’s going to be an early morning! But thank God for naps.

Well, I’m gonna get back to work…..

Oh, guess where I’m going on November 5th? to the RASCAL FLATTS CONCERT with my husband!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!! Go get their CD if you haven’t already! You will LOVE every song….as usual!