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Ace & Tj


If you don’t already…I strongly suggest listening to the Ace & Tj morning show on 95.1. I never used to listen to it when I lived less than a minute from work but now I have a 20 minute drive so I can listen. Justin got me started on listening to it and it’s hilarious. If you don’t have a chance to listen you can pick up some of their highlights at


I know…I know…


It’s been a long time again since I’ve blogged. Eventually, I keep telling myself, I will sit down and totally update both blogs. The past two weeks I’ve been working the 8:30-8 shift so there really hasn’t been much time to do anything but go home and sleep. I did get some laundry done yesterday and managed to find the floor in my room.

I just had a random thought, only because I just had a crazy dream blending Brevard people with GWU people. I think I’m going to add another section to this blog and label it “dreams” because as some of you know, I have some crazy crazy! dreams.

Some things for me to read later and remember to update on….a professor, my car insurance!!! the wedding, showers, and Justin.

Stay tuned….hopefully it won’t be too long since Justin was able to get a computer up and running upstairs in the house that I can use…if I ever get off work long enough to use it.