Yesterday Justin and I went home on lunch to check up on Pixel. He was not doing good. Justin found 3 or 4 more spots on the floor where Pixel had gotten sick since he left for work. I still couldn’t get Pixel to drink. We were finally able to get in touch with the vet and Justin brought Pixel in at 2:30. They decided to keep my poor baby overnight for observation and take some blood samples. While I missed him soooo much, I did find comfort in knowing that at least he was getting some rest and finally some fluids. I was able to speak with the doctor late yesterday afternoon. He told me that he suspected Pixel to have a mild case of pancreatitis (if that’s how you spell it). I am hoping that I can take my baby home sometime this afternoon. Poor Apache, has been looking for his brother. I can’t tell if he didn’t just like having all the attention again either haha. Keep praying for our Pixel. I hope he doesn’t think we abandoned him.