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Praise God


Justin and I signed the final papers for our house and received the keys on the 29th!!! Now comes the even harder part of moving in! The past 2 days have been spent slaving away trying to get all our junk packed up and transported to the new house. Justin’s parents and Uncle Stuart came yesterday and helped Justin move most of it over to the house (Thanks guys!!!!). Last night we just tried to make things somewhat liveable for poor Justin so he could sleep. The cats went crazy. I thought Apache was getting used to it but apparently he kept Justin up most of the night. Maybe they’ve had the day to adjust and will be better soon. I tell ya it was a long 20 minute ride with those 2 in the back seat haha.

I’m sorry this is so brief. I hope to sit down sometime and really update this. I’ve been in the middle of inventory at work and the auditor came yesterday. Things are beginning to pick up which means the wedding will come even faster.

I also went to Charleston this past weekend with some friends. I’ll try to remember to tell you about that too later.
Have a great day!