prayers needed


Hey everyone! It has been a long, stressful week at work. Last Thursday we received in about 630 boxes of books. Throughout the week we received about 200 more. I am VERY happy to say that we are now down to about 50 boxes. Not bad for just 2 people at a time working on it huh? One to price and one to check in. The higher ups decided this summer that we didn’t need any help so we’ve had to man the front with campers and do the books at the same time. Looks like now they are saying we can “apply for some help”. I was so frustrated that I just laughed. Now that all the main work is done we can “try” to get some help. Oh well…that is just a little update on why I haven’t posted recently.

Now, onto a MUCH more important thing…I please ask all of you that are praying individuals and those who aren’t (I encourage you to start). I found out some news from my family late last night and I can’t really say anything right now but the good news I asked you to pray about earlier might become bad news. While I know you all would like to know what it is, I pray that you will trust me for now and please pray as hard as you can for my sister Erin and Mike (my brother in law). Thank you all so much!