within an inch…


…of my life! Ok, so it’s not that dramatic. I went to see Justin for lunch today at Sherwin Williams to get some left over pizza. I got there shortly after he did and went inside to see paint on the floor and Jackie laughing. Then Justin walked out and he had paint from head to toe. Poor guy! So from there I offered to go get him some clothes. It took forever to get there and back (lunch time rush). I got there well after my break should have been over and grabbed some pizza and a drink and left (I was happy to do it though). Then I get to the famous McDonald’s light and I’m waiting to turn left. The light turns green and the car in front of me starts going backwards, heading straight for me. Then the guy gets out of the car and forgets to put it in PARK! And the car continues to head in my direction. I had nowhere to go and just had to watch. Luckily he was able to jump back in and stop it about 2 to 3 inches from the front of my car. Then he motions for me to go around. Yeah right! I couldn’t get around him. Finally he directs me and watches for me so I could get around. What a day! Then two people at different times pulled out right in front of me in a 55 mph zone. I just was happy to get back to work and think I’ll be staying the night at this rate hehe. I guess I better get back to ordering books. It’s so nice to get to spend $500,000 at a time of money that’s not mine haha.