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blog surprise


Ok…so don’t I feel dumb…I didn’t even notice that Justin had made an entry on my blog. Thank you honey…I mean Mr. Administrator/Webmaster Sir 😉

Last night Brandon and Meagan came over to watch “Goonies” with us. Of course we pulled up just a tad on the late side. That shock anyone? haha I had been looking forward to watching that for some time now. It’s nice to have a break from it all sometimes and to catch up with friends. Lately I’ve been feeling pulled in so many directions. It’s not been as bad as I’m sure it will be but with work being so busy and working on wedding stuff and other things, I feel like it’s bedtime every night before I’ve had a chance to sit down and relax. Thanks guys for coming over and hanging out with us. We definitely need to do things more often!



So I hacked on in to Bonnie’s blog tonight and repaired her comments which I broke a while back. That should all be taken care of now. Sorry for causing problems with anyone trying to comment.

The other change you may or may not notice is that all requests for are now being redirected to If you have the site bookmared, you may or may not want to update it. It doesn’t really matter, but it could shave a second or two off your browsing time. The reason behind this strategic move is so that Bonnie can keep better tabs on who visits the site and how many times. The stats package can track subdomains much easier than stats within a subdirectory.

Enough of the geek speak, I now return you to your irregularly scheduled blogging – maybe about the Wedding Shower this weekend?

prayers needed


Hey everyone! It has been a long, stressful week at work. Last Thursday we received in about 630 boxes of books. Throughout the week we received about 200 more. I am VERY happy to say that we are now down to about 50 boxes. Not bad for just 2 people at a time working on it huh? One to price and one to check in. The higher ups decided this summer that we didn’t need any help so we’ve had to man the front with campers and do the books at the same time. Looks like now they are saying we can “apply for some help”. I was so frustrated that I just laughed. Now that all the main work is done we can “try” to get some help. Oh well…that is just a little update on why I haven’t posted recently.

Now, onto a MUCH more important thing…I please ask all of you that are praying individuals and those who aren’t (I encourage you to start). I found out some news from my family late last night and I can’t really say anything right now but the good news I asked you to pray about earlier might become bad news. While I know you all would like to know what it is, I pray that you will trust me for now and please pray as hard as you can for my sister Erin and Mike (my brother in law). Thank you all so much!



Things are about as good as can be expected considering we have gotten 5 delivery trucks (4 being 18wheelers) and over 600 boxes of books this morning within a 2 hour window. Bing! Bang! Boom! they came and went one right after the other. Now we are stuck with the aftermath. Luckily for me and my sanity Physical Plant was able to bring a fork lift over and send some reinforcements to help unload the trucks. Unfortunately for me, they left after unloading and now it’s me against 600 plus boxes. Thanks to my very helpful crew, Nikki is pricing, Mike is helping check in, Jillian too, and Wayne too. I believe we have gotten around 45 boxes checked in this afternoon. Oh so much to do! I guess I’ll be living here for awhile. I’ll keep you posted.

prayer request


I have a prayer request, and I can’t really say what right now, but it is definitely something good. Please pray for my family in the next few months. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share with you. Thanks a bunch!

new number


Justin and I are in the process of getting a new home number. For obvious reasons I”m not going to post it here but if you need to get in touch with us and the number you have isn’t working let one of us know. We should be phoneless for about a week (except cell phones)

within an inch…


…of my life! Ok, so it’s not that dramatic. I went to see Justin for lunch today at Sherwin Williams to get some left over pizza. I got there shortly after he did and went inside to see paint on the floor and Jackie laughing. Then Justin walked out and he had paint from head to toe. Poor guy! So from there I offered to go get him some clothes. It took forever to get there and back (lunch time rush). I got there well after my break should have been over and grabbed some pizza and a drink and left (I was happy to do it though). Then I get to the famous McDonald’s light and I’m waiting to turn left. The light turns green and the car in front of me starts going backwards, heading straight for me. Then the guy gets out of the car and forgets to put it in PARK! And the car continues to head in my direction. I had nowhere to go and just had to watch. Luckily he was able to jump back in and stop it about 2 to 3 inches from the front of my car. Then he motions for me to go around. Yeah right! I couldn’t get around him. Finally he directs me and watches for me so I could get around. What a day! Then two people at different times pulled out right in front of me in a 55 mph zone. I just was happy to get back to work and think I’ll be staying the night at this rate hehe. I guess I better get back to ordering books. It’s so nice to get to spend $500,000 at a time of money that’s not mine haha.



I know it’s been awhile…I just wanted to let you know we are alive. Justin has been without internet and hopes to get it back and running by Thursday. We have been moving things from place to place and cleaning and unpacking. Hopefully soon it will start looking like a home. Justin’s been staying at the new place for awhile and it seems that the boys (apache and pixel) love it! The kitchen is all clean and unpacked and Justin’s “play pen” as I call it is getting back to normal.

Here at work we are starting to order Fall books today. They should start coming in next week by the 200-300 cartons or more. Wish me luck! It’s gonna be a long few weeks. And the wedding….well…it’s still on idle.