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The weekend was definitely a nice vacation, although it was very short. I got to see my best friends and just get away from it all. Thank you guys for making this happen. For a little while there I wasn’t sure it was going to occur.

Justin and I got home around 1am and I got home to my place around 1:30am. Needless to say we are both dragging today but it was well worth it.

Tomorrow is our big day! We get to sign the papers and get the keys to the house. Pray for us please for the coming days of moving and finances.

Charleston bound!


I’ve had to run the front since 10 this morning, but that’s ok, in just a few short house I will be on the road with Justin to pick up Matt in Greenville (North Carolina that is) . I hope Justin can handle 5 hours in a car with me hahaha. I hope he doesn’t go with his plan of making me angry so I’ll give him the silent treatment all the way there 😉 I’m so excited to see Matt’s place and his town. I’ve never had the chance to go visit. I can’t wait for this whole trip! I really need it too! Hopefully Mandy and I will get some time to talk and catch up on things.

Gotta get back to work…

David and Lorraine


I know you guys aren’t at home, but I wanted to wish you both a Very Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more years of happiness and love!

Enjoy your day!

I love you!

mo’ money


Hey everyone, I just found out some fantastic news. I called my bank today about a check that I”ve been waiting to clear since March. Apparently it did clear and I just overlooked it. That mean’s just a little extra money in my account to help pay for house expenses and wedding things.

Justin and I went to my boss’ son’s wedding this past Saturday. It was really nice and well done. It gave me a lot more to think about. I really need to start back with the planning. It’s been at least a month since I’ve done any planning.

I’m gonna switch on over to the wedding now and update that.

week before madness


Looks like this is my last “calm” week of the Summer. I’m prepping for inventory and the campers have arrived (if you call that calm). They arrived in Charter buses! Most of them don’t even speak English.

After this week I’ll be counting books (probably in my sleep too), estimating sales for Fall, ordering books, receiving in books (by the 100 cartons or more), pricing and shelving them, and then shipping them out to students (approximately 3000+). Once that is done, Fall rush begins and I will be working 8-8 shifts for about a week. Then there will be problems to deal with I’m sure. And then it is time for the wedding. I might not be able to update much, but it’s not because I’m slacking off.

I’m ready for a vacation already!

Have a great day!

first of many…



Happy Bday to Justin


By reading the subject line I’m sure you can tell that today is a very special day…yep…it’s Tuesday 😉 hehe j/k honey. Today is Justin’s bday! He has caught up to me for now hehe. It was just too bad that he had to work today. I’m hoping to take him out for his birthday. That is, if the weather lets up some. He was getting close to figuring out where we were going so I had to change things up a bit. I hope we don’t get lost 😉

Happy Birthday Honey! Enjoy your last b-day as a “single” man hehehe hahaha

I love you!

almost done


Before I start describing yesterday I would like to take a second and thank CoolB for all the nice comments I’ve been getting. I asked Justin about you and he says you are pretty Cool…B 😉 Sorry, that was pretty corny, hehe. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog 🙂

Yesterday my dad came around 12:45pm in a Uhaul truck. It was a lot nicer than the original one we had when moving in (this one had brakes) haha. My dad took me to subway for lunch (unfortunately we didn’t get to see Jerry there hehe), I’ve got to stop with my corny comments.

Justin was able to rearrange his schedule at work to get off for the afternoon so we all worked together and got things loaded up in the Uhaul. Our realtor called and said that he would unlock the house we’ve been looking at so my dad could see it. He loved it! Unfortunately the owner only came down $2000 on the house so as of right now it isn’t looking good but we still have lots of hope and prayer.

By around 6ish Justin and I had gotten all the little stuff moved into his house and put in boxes to be stacked for awhile. And last night, for the last time, Justin brought me home. He helped me build a bed out of the couch cushions in my room. He tucked me in too 🙂

Tonight looks like a night for cleaning the apartment. Most everything is out of mine now except last minute necessities. I think tonight I’m going to go to Heather and Tabitha’s to sleep. I would stay just one more night in the apartment but Jennifer’s family is coming at 8am and I would really like to catch up on some sleep. We’ll see I guess…

Tonight is the dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with the church group. I hope it goes well. I know the food will be great hehe.

Please continue to pray for us as we try one more time for the house.