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keep praying


It looks like tomorrow morning Justin and I will meet with Kelly (our agent) to finish filling out some paperwork to make an offer on the house. Please please please say a prayer or two for us that this is where the two of us need to be. We are continuing to pray about it ourselves and know that God won’t lead us down the wrong path. I thank you for all of your support and encouragement. We will let you know as soon as we find something out.

Have a great Memorial Day!



Tonight is Stacey’s big night! She is graduating! While I’m sure she is very excited about heading to college soon I’m sure she has a few mixed feelings about leaving friends behind and the familiar school she has been in for 4 years. It makes me remember my high school graduation. It was happy and sad. I can’t believe in 5 short years things have changed so much. I am so happy for her and I know she will do well in college. I hope big brother can make it through the ceremony tonight. Don’t worry Justin she will be just fine.

Hope it doesn’t rain!




house huntin


sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. With a little nudge from a friend I am finally getting a minute to sit down…or so I think…I started typing the first line 5 minutes ago. Things in the bookstore have been more than hectic lately with the start of Summer Session I. Professors have messed up orders and we have had to fix them. Students want everything at their fingertips now! Donnie won’t give us any Summer help like he has previous Summers. So, we went from 16 student workers down to 2. One can only work 830-10am (the slowest time) and the other can only work 12-2. So we have had to answer the phones, run back and forth to the front and do our own jobs along with ship an average of 100 packages a day.

Enough about that…what I”m really writing about is exciting…at least for Justin and I. We are looking for a new place to call home (after September 25th that is hehe). There is one house close to our friends’ Meagan and Brandon that really just needs some love and ….paint. it is covered by overgrown bushes and trees and really doesn’t look all that appealing on the outside. We were able to go see it earlier this week on the inside and wow…what a hidden treasure. Yes, it will need some wall paper taken down and some cleaning but it is huge and a little old but comes with a nice newer stove, microwave, and dishwasher. One of the first things I saw was the window seat in the living room. I’ve always wanted one. It really just felt like home walking in it. It has a big basement that will be Justin’s playpen and plenty of storage. We have tried to look at other houses and it seems like we’ve been to all of them. None of the others give us the feeling of “home”. Pray for us and please feel free to share your opinions and advice.

getting somewhere…


I never got a fax that was promised yesterday from Boone High Country. I called this morning and talked to my ex agent again. She said she tried but couldn’t get it to work. She said she would try again tomorrow when she was back in the right office and that she called GMAC and sent them another form and that it should be taken care of in 48 hours. We shall see! I plan to call in 48 hours to find out. With the lapse issue she said she send them the FS-1 form, them being their local tag office to fix the problem. I’m nervous about that fixing anything considering I just went to my local office last week and was told everything was “ok”. I guess I’ll call them in 10 business days like they said.



I’ve been really busy lately gearing up for Summer classes and dealing with Graduation stuff. I’ve touched/packed nearly 700 books in the last 8 days to ship out to students. Justin was really sweet last week and came on his day off to help me ship some books out. He stayed for hours and with his help 100 packages were shipped out with multiple books in them. Thank you honey!

I’ve also been busy this week and last dealing with old car insurance issues. It seems that the Dept of Transportation thinks I’ve had a lapse of insurance when that is not possible and my original insurance thinks I need to pay a month worth that I was no longer with them. I thought I had it all taken care of and yesterday received more threatening letters in the mail of fines and legal action if I don’t either pay or fix it. I thought I had! but apparently my old agent hasn’t been doing her job! I called the Dept of Transportation today to tell them I had already been to the tag office and was told everything was taken care of. The lady first tried to tell me I only owned a pontiac and I told her no. She got snotty with me and told me yes I did! I asked her what she thought my name was and it was some Mexican name. I don’t know how she got that info! Anyway…she got really hateful with me about the whole matter and told me I didn’t take care of it, like I was told…yadda yadda. So I waited a few hours until I cooled down and called my ex-agent once again. She told me she would fax me a copy of the FS-1 form the Dept of Transportation wanted and the DOT as well and call the GMAC company to straighten out the other issue of billing and send that on a memo with the fax. Have I seen a fax yet? I bet you can guess the answer to that…It has now been 4 hours. I’m trying my hardest not to be mean but I starting to think I might have to in order to get something done before it ruins my credit and I get taken to court for something I didn’t do. Oh well…that’s how my day/week has been so far. I’ll try to keep you posted.



this has been the longest day!