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where’s the justice?


I was just at home for lunch and since I only get 3 channels, I was watching CJ (Celebrity Justice). One of the reportings was on an actor/director that was convicted of domestic violence. He was supposed to serve 90 days in jail as the punishment, but he told the judge he had plans to film a movie in Canada. The judge told him it was fine and he could serve his time when he was through filming. Now wait just a minute I say…when in REAL life do things ever happen like that? Is there a separate code of laws for celebrities that I didn’t know about? Apparently there is. If a regular, average Joe were to have the same punishment for the same crime and he had plans to go on vacation, the judge would have said “sorry Charlie”. I just don’t get how so many people get away with things like this. They aren’t super-humans. Oh well…guess that’s what we get for having men in charge of these things 😉

cool changes


isn’t my fiance such a sweetie? oh come on…you gotta admit he is at least sometimes 😉 the changes were a surprise to me too but I love them! good job honey!

lunsford came to visit wednesday through sunday. we all stayed up way past our bedtimes but we all had a lot of fun. now i just hope we can catch up on those lost hours of sleep. we played cranium (thank you brandon and meagan for the game) and dvd trivial pursuit. we also stopped by waffle house for tabitha to pick her up a man 😉 i got to eat some yamato’s! what a week hehe.

i woke up one morning to find tin foil covering my doorway and a piece of paper with the lyrics from “Goodmorning Beautiful”. The lyrics were changed just a bit to say “…mine was wonderful with you out of sight” it was crazy! haha

another night i went into my bathroom and found my jack in the box, jack suspended over the toilet. poor tramatized jack. i’m glad i saw him ahead of time hehe.

artwork added


Tweaked the layout a bit for Bonnie. Good? Bad? Better? Worse?

i’m still alive…


it’s been awhile since i’ve taken the time to sit and write. last weekend was easter. on good friday justin’s parents surprised us both and came to the church service at crestview. afterwards we went to sonic for supper. mmmm! my family got to come to my place this year. we went over to justin’s and had an easter egg hunt. we do this every year (it was justin’s first though, for some reason he had never done it) . it’s a competition among us to see who can find their six eggs first. my mom and dad hid them outside justin’s house. it was harder than i thought it would be. kelly finished first (girl power!) i think everyone had a great time. i know i did! then we went in and had hot dogs, macaroni, beans, chips, dessert, etc. it was just a great time to spend together.

on sunday lorraine, stacey, chad, and faith came to visit us at justin’s. they stayed for awhile and we all had fun laughing and just enjoying each others’ company.

on monday night my best friend mandy, travis, and aubrey stopped in to see the place on their way back from charlotte. i was so proud of our boys (pixel and apache). they had quite a few days of people in the house and they were quite social.

on wednesday lunsford (erin) arrived to spend a few days with us. i know we have all been staying up way past our bed times but we have had so much fun visiting waffle house, the coffee shop, church, justin’s, and our place playing games.

tomorrow around 1 the girls will arrive for our trip to concord mills and charlotte to search for dresses. wish us luck! mandy has offered to drive her expedition so we will all fit. i’ll let you know how it goes.




the time has finally come. yesterday our shelves arrived in 5 pallets. boy did we have fun trying to unload the truck. this is yet another reason we should have a loading dock. i think maybe we should try having the big bosses unload the trucks a few times hehe. justin had the day off and painted another side of the house. I went there for lunch and he volunteered to come back with me to help build the shelves. thank you honey! they look great! now today we are going to build the shirt shelves. i hope they look as good as the book shelves do. Have a great rainy day everyone!



it has been a day already haha! just a few minutes ago i had to go out and try to get a car moved so an 18 wheeler could back in to deliver us some shelving. once i finished that i saw the yellow truck coming too to deliver books. i heard a boom and looked up and a huge branch from the tree between the library and dcc fell on the truck, right between the cab and the trailer. it was so big and heavy they had to have chainsaws cut it up before he could go anywhere. what a morning haha!



well…my mom and kelly didn’t get to come this weekend afterall, but that’s ok because they, along with my other sister erin, mike, and dad are all coming saturday to spend the day. At least i hope. if they don’t i hope i find out before i go on a cleaning spree again hehe.

i am so happy today! lately mondays have been my best day of the week. i am finally totally done with inventory and beginning to check in books. i just finished checking all the ones in from friday and expect another shipment within the hour. today we are also getting our shelves! i get to build today 🙂 i can’t wait to atleast get the book shelves up so we will have room for all these books. poor mandy and the students are stuck in their inventory this week. i hope they balance because i know i would hate to do it once, nevermind twice.

i hope everyone has a fantabulous day!



i’m not sure if it’s just because it is the end of a very long week or maybe even the rainy weather but i just haven’t been in the best of moods today at work. we got 98 cartons of books this morning on a yellow delivery. the work study students have been whining and complaining that there is never anything to do. so i guess this is where my confusion comes in…there are 98 cartons of books waiting to be checked in…yet every one of the students stays up at the counter and jokes around not even offering to help me. i dont mind doing things like this on my own i just dont like being fussed at in periods of down time and then when there is a chance to do something no one does anything to help! well…i better get back to work. i have about 49 more boxes to check in.

I hope everyone has a very good weekend! my mommy and kelly are coming to see me saturday morning 🙂