weird news


I had fun blogging about news articles yesterday and thought I’d contribute some more…interesting findings…

Unusual Murder Defenses

Raymond Rodriguez, 25, was found not guilty in the murder of a 77-year-old drinking buddy after he testified to having, at the crime scene, hallucinations of bologna and cheese dancing around in the refrigerator and, in the freezer, a green man who told Rodriguez, “Catch me if you can.” (San Antonio, December) And Patrick Hutchinson was sent for a mental exam in February after police in Lexington, Ky., accused him of murdering his wife. Hutchinson explained that she had been taken over by aliens and that he (as one of only 735 “true humans” left in Lexington, out of 260,000 population) had to stop her, using a weapon supplied by a cobra that was speaking on behalf of God. [Lexington Herald-Leader, 2-17-04] [San Antonio Express-News, 12-18-03

And you thought you were weird 😉

I found this article…along with many other unusual/weird news on this site which I plan to keep on my “dailies” list.