cool changes


isn’t my fiance such a sweetie? oh come on…you gotta admit he is at least sometimes 😉 the changes were a surprise to me too but I love them! good job honey!

lunsford came to visit wednesday through sunday. we all stayed up way past our bedtimes but we all had a lot of fun. now i just hope we can catch up on those lost hours of sleep. we played cranium (thank you brandon and meagan for the game) and dvd trivial pursuit. we also stopped by waffle house for tabitha to pick her up a man 😉 i got to eat some yamato’s! what a week hehe.

i woke up one morning to find tin foil covering my doorway and a piece of paper with the lyrics from “Goodmorning Beautiful”. The lyrics were changed just a bit to say “…mine was wonderful with you out of sight” it was crazy! haha

another night i went into my bathroom and found my jack in the box, jack suspended over the toilet. poor tramatized jack. i’m glad i saw him ahead of time hehe.