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so here’s the deal… I might have the opportunity to get my MBA for free from GWU. I’ve always thought about continuing on for my masters but I just didn’t want the added debt to pay off later. After talking to a few people yesterday I found out that I could get my degree for free while working here. I was/am still a little shaky and nervous about the possibility. Especially due to the GMAT I’d have to take. Yesterday and today I feel like God is really leading me in that direction. Several people I don’t normally see on campus have come up to me and asked me if I was going to get my MBA. I’ve talked to some others about it and have gotten a good report and encouragement. My two bosses are going for their MBA this coming year as well so I’d have help. And this morning, out of the blue the dean of the business school came in here looking for Wayne and asked me when I was going to get my MBA cuz I’m a “smart girl Miller”. I talked with him for a little while on what it would be like and about the GMAT. I know it would be a lot of work but if I did choose to go after it, I think I would wait and start in the Spring of 2005. I guess I’m also wondering what you all think. It might help me with my decision. Don’t be afraid to hit the comment button and let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks!

busy summer


I’ve got news…I’ve got all sorts of news…

This past weekend Justin and I went to Polk County. Saturday was Stacey’s prom night. Boy did she look amazing in that dress! Hopefully soon Justin will have the pics on his site. I loved her hair too! I hope you can see what I mean in the pictures. I hope she had a great time!

Sunday the girls went to a baby shower for Crystal and Todd. There were so many cute little outfits and blankets…and some good food too 😉 While we were out the boys snoozed on the couch and watched the race. Life’s rough isn’t it boys? 😉

I had a lot of fun and it had been way too long since we had been able to spend a lot of time there.

In other news…it looks like I’ll be a busy Bonnie this Summer. Not only do I need to order Fall books/check them in and shelve them, Work long hours during both rushes for Summer, and finish planning a wedding…but Jennifer just heard that she got the job she tried for in Charlotte! Isn’t that awesome! I am soooo happy for her! The only downside to all this excitement is the moving around. Hopefully, if the offer still stands I will move in with Heather and Tabitha in June until the wedding. Jennifer will go on her cruise in the middle of May and once she gets back will have to find a place in a hurry. Wish us luck! Isn’t life so exciting how things change so fast?

news news news


I know you are probably getting tired of my news findings but these stories are pretty good. I especially like the one about the 3 eyed, 2 mouthed cow 😉

On another note…TGIF! It hasn’t been the longest of weeks but not the shortest either. I still haven’t caught up on lost sleep from last weekend. It is also pay day! And boy am I glad. Not that I get to keep much of it but it’s been a long month hehe. Have a great weekend!

weird news continued


I also found this “special” on the site as well. It was quite entertaining…sad…but funny.

weird news


I had fun blogging about news articles yesterday and thought I’d contribute some more…interesting findings…

Unusual Murder Defenses

Raymond Rodriguez, 25, was found not guilty in the murder of a 77-year-old drinking buddy after he testified to having, at the crime scene, hallucinations of bologna and cheese dancing around in the refrigerator and, in the freezer, a green man who told Rodriguez, “Catch me if you can.” (San Antonio, December) And Patrick Hutchinson was sent for a mental exam in February after police in Lexington, Ky., accused him of murdering his wife. Hutchinson explained that she had been taken over by aliens and that he (as one of only 735 “true humans” left in Lexington, out of 260,000 population) had to stop her, using a weapon supplied by a cobra that was speaking on behalf of God. [Lexington Herald-Leader, 2-17-04] [San Antonio Express-News, 12-18-03

And you thought you were weird 😉

I found this article…along with many other unusual/weird news on this site which I plan to keep on my “dailies” list.

“I’m a Ukrainian!”


Brandon…this article reminded me of Atlanta and I just thought you might get a kick out of it 🙂

maybe there’s hope…


In my daily readings today I found an article showing that Duke may have a good idea 😉 But…I find myself asking…”won’t that just encourage students to stay out longer?” Just thought I’d share my findings.



I just received word from one of my readers 😉 that this person won’t comment anymore because this person feels they are the only one commenting. so….for the sake of me keeping at least one loyal reader and commenter (is that a word?) please don’t hesitate to click on the comment button and tell me what you think of my entries. Thanks guys!