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Relay 4 Life


I have recently become a member of the Relay 4 Life team at Crestview. We are currently selling knives. If anyone would like a new set of really nice knives please let me know. It would be for a really good cause! I’ll get you more information and pricing. This is my first year actually being a part of a team. Usually I purchase luminaries or donate. I like to do it in memory of my grandpa. If anyone just wants to donate, even $1 it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



Last night after church justin and i went over to heather and tabitha’s to watch “radio”. it’s rare anymore to spend quality time with them during the week. when we got there tabitha hadn’t gotten home from work yet. we ate our “to go” plates from crestview consisting of ham, macaroni, green beans, something pineapple, a roll, and banana pudding. mmm mmm good! then we watched parts of “the apprentice” and “american idol”. around 930 we put the movie in and just had a great time. sadly i think 1130 was the longest we had stayed up socializing in awhile so we were exhausted and went home. i’m so glad we went. i hope we can do more things like that soon. speaking of things like that…i havent had a chance to talk to brandon or meagan in awhile. i hope you guys are doing well! less than 2 months left! you can do it!

also, if you have time and wanna check out justin’s pics there are some cute ones! especially of two of my three boys hehe.



inventory has begun here at the campus shop. i’ve had my spreadsheets ready for the last month so when my boss gave me the “ok” to begin inventory i was ready to go. luckily i had some work study students here to help out with counting. in approximately 3 or 4 hours the book inventory was all counted. all i had to do was enter it in the spreadsheets. so now i’m pretty much all done and i can’t help but have this feeling that my boss really isn’t ready and i’ll have to do it all again in a few days. i really hope i’m wrong because that’s just wrong to tell me something and not mean it. that would be a complete waste of my time when i’ve got summer adoptions to finish entering and very soon fall’s as well. i think i’m just tired of spreadsheets. i want to get it overwith so i can move on towards summer stuff. let’s hope i’m wrong



this past week we received new fed ex software for our shipping. we also got our “new” shipping computer. somehow it got handed down to me to complete the task of installing the new software on the new computer. that really shouldn’t be that hard, right? i mean…click next a few times and then finish…or so i thought! what started out as a simple task turned into a 3 day long drama. i was able to install the program without much of a problem, but when it came to printing the end of day reports, they would only print out on our label printer instead of the laser printer. once again, i thought it wouldn’t be too hard to go to printer setup and set the report printer as the laser printer…wrong again… justin even stopped by and played with it. he was short on time due to church on wednesday so he didn’t get to finish. i spoke vial aol with matt and greg who helped as much as they could without actually being here. finally, i decided to call tech support at fed ex. i spoke with an enthusiastic woman (sense the sarcasm) about the problem and thought i had enough info to fix it. once again…it didn’t work. at that point i was ready to throw the thing on the floor and stomp on it. i decided to give it one more shot and be done with it. i called tech support again and spoke with someone different. even he was stumped and had me on hold for 5 minutes. then they decided to approach it from a different way and somehow it finally worked!!! i never thought the printer sounded so good! hopefully now i’ll be totally done and all will be well! thanks for letting me vent

it’s been awhile


hey everyone,

I know it’s been awhile. things around here have been pretty busy. if by chance i don’t make an entry in awhile be sure to check our wedding for updates there.

this past weekend has been a sad and busy one. friday night around 1030 or 11 justin received a phone call from stacey that his great grandmother had a stroke while at a restaurant. we decided to go ahead and drive to mission to see her. we arrived at the hospital somewhere around 130 or so ( i think) and waited through the night to hear any news the doctor could give. things didn’t change much overnight. the doctor didn’t give much hope. we decided to head on out somewhere around 3 or 4 to go home. we went to church and worked in the nursery sunday night. then around 11 or so justin heard the terrible news of his great grandmother’s passing. all i wished for at that moment was for me to take all his pain away. i felt so helpless and i just wanted to make things better.

on monday we found ourselves at the visitation in asheville. there were so many people there and the flowers were so beautiful. it was amazing to see all the lives she had touched. i know she will truly be missed!

tuesday was the day of the funeral. people gathered from all over. i haven’t seen so much food in quite awhile. the service was so beautiful! i know it touched me in a way i cannot explain. i know she loved/loves everyone so much! and will be watching over them in the best seat in the house!

have a great day! and tell someone you care about that you love them 🙂

beautiful day!


wasn’t yesterday an awesome day!?! after work i kidnapped justin and we went down to the river. by then the sun was starting to go down but it was still so beautiful. we walked along the trail for awhile. it was very relaxing. today is supposed to be another beauty! i can’t wait til 4:30 rolls around so i can be free! too bad the weather channel says it will rain tomorrow. doesn’t it always seem to rain on a weekend? hehe i hope everyone has a great weekend and a great spring break if you get one!



today i am feeling great. i know i shouldn’t stress out but it’s in my nature. last night justin and i sat down and thought some things out and are starting to form a bit of a plan for the events to come. i am so excited, i know these 6 months will just fly by. my best friend mandy called me yesterday and she and buck might meet justin and i this weekend for supper. she has already been so much help.

i love all of you so much! thank you for being so supportive of us!

it’s happened :)


Hey everyone…i’m sorry i’m just now getting time to update my journal. for those of you that don’t know yet…I’M GETTING MARRIED! 🙂 i’m sure you are wondering how? when? and in some cases who? well…here ya go….i’ll try to include everything…

this past weekend justin and i went to beech mtn with our friends brandon and meagan. the house we stayed at was on the ski slopes. all we had to do was look out the sliding doors and watch all the skiers go by. it was awesome! Saturday night we all went to a really nice restaurant Stonewalls. All during dinner Justin was very quiet…which is unusual hehe. After we ate we all returned to the house and sat by the fire and just talked. justin still was pretty quiet. the conversation had died down so i looked at justin and said “it’s your turn to ask a question” little did i know he really was thinking about asking me “the question” haha. a few minutes later brandon and meagan excused themselves to go downstairs. I thought this was the perfect time to ask justin what was really bothering him. he said he was just thinking about our anniversary (which is today). i didn’t quite believe him but then he started talking. we shared memories about 2 years ago and he told me the significance of February 28th. It was the first time he held my hand. After talking for awhile he said “now there is one thing missing” and so, me, being goofy, i made silly guesses and then he told me to close my eyes….

in my head i immediately got excited thinking “this could be it” and then i got to thinking that it was impossible and i shouldn’t get my hopes up. then he told me to open my eyes and BAM there was a ring! not just any ring but my great grandmother’s ring that is almost 100 years old. after making absolute sure he wasn’t joking, he asked me. i couldn’t believe it! i still cant. it seems like it’s a dream. we talked about my parents and how he got the ring and all. when i finally dried my eyes we went downstairs to show brandon and meagan and what do you know….i fell down the stairs haha. talk about a graceful moment 😉

I”m stressed but i’m so excited too. God truly has blessed me with the best fiance, family, and future in-laws…which i call family. my friends have been so great too! so supportive and happy for me. it’s going to be a stressful time but together i know it will all work out. i love you guys!

oh and stay tuned for a wedding blog in the near future. you will be able to read our every frustration, excitement, etc. keep an eye out on justin’s blog