last night and the night before i had the weirdest dreams. I’ll start with 2 nights ago…

i dreamt that it was my wedding day. everyone was in crestview and for some reason i was in a closet in the sanctuary that doesn’t, in real life exist. it was 5 minutes until the ceremony was to start and my hair got caught on a hanger in the closet totally messing it up. i looked down and my dress was not the one i had picked out. i had this weird wrap that went too many times around my arms and i looked terrible. my mom came in and i begged her to help me fix everything and she was in too much of a hurry to help me. i remember thinking i was supposed to make justin go “wow!” and the way i looked would make him go “ew!” haha…then i woke up.

last night i had this terribly weird dream that i was wandering some dirt road and ended up in this run down house. there was a girl there and she wanted to greet me with a hug but i had remembered a girl saying not to hug this girl on the way in because she was dangerous. i tried to get out of the hug and she took a needle out of her sweater and tried to stab me with it. it had some kind of acid in it and i remember getting some on my arm and i got some on her face while we fought. i remember screaming and trying to get away and then i woke up….i hope i didn’t scream for real haha.

what in the world have i been eating! 😉