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last night and the night before i had the weirdest dreams. I’ll start with 2 nights ago…

i dreamt that it was my wedding day. everyone was in crestview and for some reason i was in a closet in the sanctuary that doesn’t, in real life exist. it was 5 minutes until the ceremony was to start and my hair got caught on a hanger in the closet totally messing it up. i looked down and my dress was not the one i had picked out. i had this weird wrap that went too many times around my arms and i looked terrible. my mom came in and i begged her to help me fix everything and she was in too much of a hurry to help me. i remember thinking i was supposed to make justin go “wow!” and the way i looked would make him go “ew!” haha…then i woke up.

last night i had this terribly weird dream that i was wandering some dirt road and ended up in this run down house. there was a girl there and she wanted to greet me with a hug but i had remembered a girl saying not to hug this girl on the way in because she was dangerous. i tried to get out of the hug and she took a needle out of her sweater and tried to stab me with it. it had some kind of acid in it and i remember getting some on my arm and i got some on her face while we fought. i remember screaming and trying to get away and then i woke up….i hope i didn’t scream for real haha.

what in the world have i been eating! 😉

west end weekend


justin and i decided to venture to west end for the weekend to see erin and mike. we left around 6 or so on friday and arrived there between 9 and 930. we stayed up and chatted for awhile and then we all fell right asleep.

on saturday we went shopping in greensboro. once we got there justin went on with the guys and erin and i were able to get a lot of shopping done. i think we tripled the amount of stores that the boys went in, and in the same period of time. and who says boys dont like to shop? haha just put them in a sporting goods store or best buy and watch em go 😉

we all met up in best buy and from there went to lowes and the mall. we had such a good time that we didn’t leave there until 845 or so. on the way back to west end we were able to aid mike in a lil cat and mouse game. fun stuff! justin and i left erin’s around 1030 or so and got home around 130am.

yesterday was youth sunday at crestview. our class ended up in a small room but it had bean bags and a futon 🙂 we had all filled out a survey to determine our spiritual gifts. for the most part i believe it defined us all correctly. the whole service was great. my favorite was “the web” performed by the stick team.

well…it’s monday…i guess i need to start working sometime hehe.



I recently got this joke in an email…I know a lot of us can relate to this one… hehe

Thanks mom #2 🙂

How come when you mix water and flour you get glue?…..
Then you add eggs and sugar…..
and you get cake?
Where did the glue go?…..
Need an ANSWER?
You know darned well where it went………

That’s what makes the cake……
stick to your BUTT!

the wedding


i know by that subject you thought i’d be talking about my upcoming wedding but i am actually reading “the wedding” by nicholas sparks. I started it last week and only got a chapter read. things have been busy here at the bookstore with remodeling that i hadn’t had any time to pick it back up. last night when i went home i decided to just read one more chapter. well… you know how that goes, i ended up reading 2 pretty long chapters before forcing myself to get ready for bed. it really is a good book so far. and at least so far it hasn’t been mushy. it’s been more like reality and what i have heard from a lot of more experienced couples. i’ll keep you posted as i read (hopefully).



today has just been one of those days! it all started off with the wonderful sound of a lawn mower…oh wait that was my hair dryer this morning! hehe i turned it off right away and then that smell….oh that wonderful burning smell that we all love! so i had to throw my hair up and head to work with wet hair on a 30 degree morning. always fun! hehe

once at work i was great (laughing all the way at myself), then i started dropping things and running into things and just being silly. i think the phrase “when it rains it pours” will fit perfectly in my description of the day. all in all it’s still managed to be a good and quite productive day despite the review from matt’s blog hehe

sad news


i just found out in an email from my dad that my neighbor wayne lalor (a lady) passed away. she was the sweetest lady. i remember watching her dogs while she was away and watering her many plants in her greenhouse and throughout her house. she was always asking about everyone and was a very genuine woman. when my family first moved down here, my mom, erin, and oma were unpacking things while my dad drove back up to nj to get kelly and i. wayne was so nice, she drove to the house on the rainiest of days to bring cookies as a house warming gift and to introduce herself. awhile back she found out she had cancer and underwent some treatments. then she decided that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in and out of the hospital. she wanted to enjoy life, to enjoy her grandchildren, and time spent with friends. she will definitely be missed!

polk county


yesterday justin and i headed over to polk county to see his family. It had been quite awhile since we had been to visit. Hopefully soon we will be able to come and stay over to spend a longer time there. justin brought a computer with him for his granny and pa paw (hi guys) and now they are free to surf the net 🙂 his granny made an awesome meal for us yesterday! and for a little while i worked on a triangular brainteaser puzzle. then granny came over and helped me and together we were able to solve it!

well i’m off to start a wonderful monday at work hehe. have a great day everyone!

a whole lot goin on


Today has actually been on the busy side of things here at the bookstore. wayne gave us the “ok” before leaving this morning that we could take apart the shelving in the gwu section of the store. i dont quite think we knew what we were getting into when we started out. there was so much dust everywhere! but after a long morning/afternoon we were able to get everything done and put in the way back. we even hung some white table cloths to cover our mess. tomorrow is VIP day here so i hope we dont scare some potential students away hehe. i can’t wait to get the new shelving. it will look so nice! but until then…expect a mess hehe.

have a great weekend!
kelly is coming 🙂