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there is light…


well it looks like my loans will be consolidated after all 🙂 The update link now has a date of 3/19/04. I will have to make one more payment of each of the loans before it switches over but that will be worth it. I haven’t heard anything on a recent credit card application to switch over my balance to. I expect an answer any day now. my dad has a job interview this morning. i’ll definitely be praying hard, as i encourage you all to do too (please). i’ll let you know what the verdict is on that. i really hope he gets it.

i was really hoping to get another snow day today so i could sleep but i guess God had other plans. rainy ones hehe. i can’t wait for the weekend to be able to sleep. i just cant figure out why i’ve been so exhausted this week.

i hope everyone has a very happy valentines’ day this saturday and for those who remain livin up the single life, happy singles’ day!

13 more days til payday 🙂



last night justin sat down with me to help me figure out my loan situation. once we figured out the best plan of action, justin helped me apply online for consolidation. i’m so glad he was there to help me. i know i would have royally screwed something up. i love that about justin. he is always willing to help me out when i need it. he didn’t even complain. hopefully i will hear something soon from good ole sallie mae. thanks honey!

on another note….i got in a spring cleaning mood this morning at work. i threw away all the publisher catalogs i had. when i got done i could barely move the big trash can it was so heavy. and now i’m a happy girl cuz my shelves don’t look so cluttered anymore. now if only it would stop raining long enough for me to walk to Egypt to get to my truck in order to go to the doctor.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! 🙂 =) 🙂



i’ve been working on an inventory spreadsheet of all the books we have in the bookstore. so far i’m on line 258 (mostly done yesterday). it’s really a pain…cuz every semester i have to create a brand new spreadsheet i.e. (<--for you matt) start from scratch typing in each book title, isbn, author, and price. I can't even use the previous semester's spreadsheet because the books are pretty much totally different. so there isn't an easy way out of it. the bad thing is...i really shouldn't have to do this because i have a computer program (courseworks) that will create a list with all the necessary information on it, but because the big wigs over in webb like spreadsheets, i have to go through all this trouble. it's ok for now because it's been slow around here but next week we start returns. and making sure pricing is right for the inventory is going to be quite a headache since there are at least 3 different prices on the books. i guess it's eeny meeny miny moe 😉 have a great day!



thanks to my fantabulous boyfriend….i mean webmaster 😉 i am now back in purple 🙂 i dont know how he figured out that i wanted the colors back 😉

i was sure hoping for some ice outside this morning when i peeled my eyes open to look out the window. so much for that! i hope today goes by faster at work than yesterday.

girls girls girls


i thought my subject line might grab the attention of the male viewers (haha)

Saturday was definitely a day made for the girls. Tabitha, Heather, and I went to blockbuster and rented the second Charlies Angels. I must say it was pretty good. A little far-fetched but good. I can’t believe demmi can look that good at her age! after the movie we got ready for our first gwu mens’ basketball game of the season….well for me of two seasons. we went to the coffee shop and got something to drink and headed to the game. we ended up getting a front row seat in the dawg pound and quite possibly a shot at being in a nationally aired commercial for gwu. the first half of the game seemed to resemble the clemson/carolina game if anyone saw it. although we were “clemson”. then came the second half. we ended up being at least 10 behind most of the time and ended with a 9 point loss. i dont even remember the score but we lost. we hadn’t eaten supper so we picked up justin and went to the waffle house. too bad tabitha didn’t get to pick up her usual waffle house hunk 😉 all in all it was a very fun day out! i needed it!

what a night!


Last night Heather and I were in charge of the children at church. This meant that we would miss the beginning of the superbowl. I was first to arrive at the church to meet a little boy and his mom. This boy usually cries if you wink at him. This was my first time watching the kids. They know of me but have never interacted with me like that. His mom said, “when i leave he is gonna scream, i’m sorry.” to my surprise he didn’t scream at all. Then came a little girl who is the friendliest and loudest girl hehe. she is so cute. i thought she would be a piece of cake. to my surprise she was the one that was scared of me. luckily heather arrived and everyone was happy. it was a lot of fun. i was able to get to brandon and meagan’s a little before 7 and it was still the 1st quarter. meagan had prepared a feast. mmm mmm mmm! i stuffed myself silly. the first half was rather slow. i wasn’t at all impressed with the halftime show. the streaker was quite entertaining though. how one man could get by all those security people, i have no idea but it was still hilarious to see all those people running on the field to get the streaker off. the second half of the game was quite intense. i definitely think the game would have ended differently had kasay not messed up terribly. although the panthers didn’t win, i gotta give them props for even making it that far and for making it such a close game. at least they weren’t stomped on.

on another note….

i got to talk to mandino this morning. she traded her sportstrac in for an expedition. nice! i can’t wait to see it and hopefully go on a roadtrip sometime this summer. matt is also car looking. i’ve definitely got the itch to do so myself if it seemed possible.