I know i shouldn’t complain, but for the past week and a half things have been sooooo slow here at work. things will quickly change and become busy around spring break time. for some reason all faculty get the whole week off while staff just get one day. i’m nervous because this will be my first time doing summer/fall orders. i came in may of last year as the textbook manager and summer was already ordered and on the shelves. this is definitely the hardest ordering time of the year. there will be twice as many boxes as in spring and only 2 given people to unload the trucks seeing as students will be home for the summer. i know i will miss this down time then, but i’m a person who likes to stay busy, especially while at work so time actually tries to go somewhere.

i am excited to hear about this recent possibility of snow expected to arrive in the area around 3am. if i wake up and hear rain i will definitely be disappointed. it would be nice to be able to go out and play in the snow just once this year.

for those of you who are bored like me, and need something to do, try reading matt’s blog
he is crazy 😉

ok ….i must find something else to occupy the last 2.5 hours here