what a stressful week! yesterday i had the day off. when justin got off work he took me to the honda dealership in forest city. i fell in love with a 98 silver honda accord. we walked into the place, found Bill, only told him our first names and then he gave us the key and said “take it for a spin”. wow! luckily justin’s uncle works less than a mile down the road. he was able to put the car on a lift and he and larry checked everything out. i’m a little hesitant not having a warranty on the car but the previous owners took very good care of it. i also spoke with Bill this morning and he thought i might be able to add a warranty. i’m trying to let go and let God on this one. it has definitely caused a lot of sleepless nights! i feel like this dealer truly cares for the customers. the shelby dealership was only after my money! well…i guess i’ll know within the next few ours. i’ll let you know…