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I know i shouldn’t complain, but for the past week and a half things have been sooooo slow here at work. things will quickly change and become busy around spring break time. for some reason all faculty get the whole week off while staff just get one day. i’m nervous because this will be my first time doing summer/fall orders. i came in may of last year as the textbook manager and summer was already ordered and on the shelves. this is definitely the hardest ordering time of the year. there will be twice as many boxes as in spring and only 2 given people to unload the trucks seeing as students will be home for the summer. i know i will miss this down time then, but i’m a person who likes to stay busy, especially while at work so time actually tries to go somewhere.

i am excited to hear about this recent possibility of snow expected to arrive in the area around 3am. if i wake up and hear rain i will definitely be disappointed. it would be nice to be able to go out and play in the snow just once this year.

for those of you who are bored like me, and need something to do, try reading matt’s blog
he is crazy 😉

ok ….i must find something else to occupy the last 2.5 hours here

weekend surprise


i’ll warn you ahead of time this will be a rather long entry…

this weekend, although a very sad time, was also a time of great happiness. i was able to pull off my two surprises with the help of justin of course 🙂 we arrived at my house a little after dark on friday. kelly was the first one to the door (she already knew about the car) my mom wasn’t far behind. she gave justin a hug and looked up and found the car. she was very surprised to see it and even more surprised to find it was mine. my dad came hurrying down the stairs after checking on the pizza in the oven and was all smiles too. erin came home around 11 or so and went out to look at it and liked it too. justin had worked all afternoon cleaning the car inside and out. it was too bad the sun went down, but the next day it still looked beautiful! (thanks honey!)

once we got inside friday night from looking at the car. justin and i ate some pizza and quickly got dressed to go to my friend mandy’s nanny’s visitation at the funeral home. we pulled up and went inside to find mandy. i did ok as long as i didn’t think about where i was and why i was there. eventually i was even able to quickly go look at her nanny. a couple of times i got teary eyed but was able to recover. we were getting ready to leave and each had some flowers in our hands to bring to their house when mandy, her sister jody, and jason went up to their nanny to say a final goodbye. that is when i lost it. i had to get out of there before the tears could fall. i got to the car and justin followed quickly behind with a comforting hug. my friend matt pulled up a minute later in his nice 4runner! and let me sit in it and play with all the buttons hehe. later we all went in mandy’s expedition to sagebrush.

Saturday was funeral day. the cemetary was only across the street from mandy’s mom’s house so we all walked. the funeral was beautiful along with the weather. i was glad i got the chance to be a part of it. i even got to stop by and see oma’s grave. then we went back to mandy’s parents’ for some food and fellowship. and later that night ended up going to the mall in asheville to eat and walk around. mandy’s niece came along and she really seemed to like justin, along with the rest of the group. he definitely fit in!

Sunday afternoon we headed to justin’s parents to show them the car and spend some time with them. his mom and i started on this 9 piece puzzle that i still think has no solution! haha

all in all the weekend was way too short and i didn’t get to see a lot of my family, but the time we did have was fun filled.



my friend brandon from the campus shop told me something this morning. he said that there is a gang from new york that is causing trouble both in this county and in rutherford county. they are driving around without their headlights on at night and when someone flashes them they run them down. they are armed and dangerous. so please if you see a car at night without headlights do not flash them. please spread the word. they have already gunned down 4 cars. thanks!

almost friday


i just remembered that i didn’t ever give an update about the job my dad was trying to get. as it turns out, he was unable to get the job. while it would have been a great job, i know God has a better one in mind for him. please continue to pray for him. i hope he knows how truly special he is!

On the brighter side…it’s almost friday and almost time to surprise both my parents and kelly. see, i get to pull a double surprise. my parents think i’m surprising kelly with my computer and kelly thinks i’m surprising my parents with my car. in reality i get to do both hehe. everyone gets to be surprised. i love surprises! it’s so cool to know about something ahead of time that you know someone else is going to just love and has no idea about it. not only does it make them happy, it makes me even happier to see their faces light up.

erin is supposed to be coming home too this weekend. i hope justin can handle all these miller girls at once haha. my dad will sure be glad to have another guy around.

Thank you God


God sure has blessed me! As some of you know, yesterday I got my car. It’s a 99 Honda Accord EX. It’s blue with a sun roof. Not only am I blessed to have gotten the car, I am blessed to have so many friends and family helping me along the way. Justin’s parents have been a HUGE help to me in getting this car. They are so awesome! I hope one day I can repay them in some way. Justin’s uncle Philip and Matt’s dad Larry were so nice to check out both cars I was looking at to make sure I wasn’t going to get a bum deal. My sisters (and Mike) have been so cool to help me keep this surprise from my parents ( I hope they wont be upset that it is a surprise) . I left Justin for last…he has helped me through so much. he listened to me fuss and whine and cry, and was there for me every step of the way. he held my hand and gave me comfort. and because of his persistence and talking with the salespeople, it all worked out. I love you all! and Thank you again! God is so amazing!

(I know I probably just sounded like I won a Grammy lol)

car update…


i just got off the phone with bucky from the shelby dealership. they decided to knock the price of a 99 accord down to 9800 with a full warranty. i still feel fishy about them because they seem to care more about the money but it might be worth another shot to listen to what they have to say. it’s actually getting quite fun to watch the competition but at the same time i’m ready to have it done with. the 99 is newer and less miles and a pretty blue with a sun roof. but the 98 is silver like i always wanted. i guess it will come down to the best deal. and apparently bucky says he talked to the honda company and they decided to finance me afterall. i’ll let you know more when i know more…oh and please dont mention this to my parents. i want to surprise them this weekend if i get a car. thanks!



what a stressful week! yesterday i had the day off. when justin got off work he took me to the honda dealership in forest city. i fell in love with a 98 silver honda accord. we walked into the place, found Bill, only told him our first names and then he gave us the key and said “take it for a spin”. wow! luckily justin’s uncle works less than a mile down the road. he was able to put the car on a lift and he and larry checked everything out. i’m a little hesitant not having a warranty on the car but the previous owners took very good care of it. i also spoke with Bill this morning and he thought i might be able to add a warranty. i’m trying to let go and let God on this one. it has definitely caused a lot of sleepless nights! i feel like this dealer truly cares for the customers. the shelby dealership was only after my money! well…i guess i’ll know within the next few ours. i’ll let you know…

oh happy day!


i would like to take a moment to wish my brother-in-law a very happy birthday/friday the 13th hehe. i know he mostlikely wont read this but i wanted it to be known of my best wishes for him. 🙂

today is a day for odds and ends at work. much time will be spent staring at the clock wishing i was outta here. this weekend i plan to not plan and just do. first i want to start off SLEEEEPING! anyone who calls the apartment or my cell before at least 1030am is dead meat 🙂

have a wonderful, sunny, freaky friday the 13th!