Anyone know what the subject line means? Ok so i’m a little bored at work hehe and i decided to create my own word. the phone hasn’t even been ringing off the hook like it usually does. this can make for a long short week. there are things i’d like to be doing to get ahead for inventory but i can’t move anything heavy at the current moment. i have a doctors appointment at 130 tomorrow. apparently my doc is full but i’m supposed to see the PA. i went to talk to scott white and he said i qualify for workers comp. i hope everything goes ok tomorrow. i wish i had something interesting to write. i do believe i got the last available spot in the hamrick parking lot today at lunch. i also believe that dr. camp loves to park her bright red mercedes there too (or so i think it’s a mercedes) hehe. parking there made me giggle to myself. nah nah ni boo boo (however you spell it) gosh i should have more to say…i guess i’ll just write another one if i think of anything creative. have a great thursday night and don’t forget to watch phoebe’s wedding.
yes, i watch friends 😉