catch up…


I figured since it’s been awhile and you all are dying to know what’s going on in my life, i would enlighten you…Gardner-Webb ever so nicely paid us early for December (12th) for Christmas, but now we have to go 45 days until the next pay check. I’ve paid all my bills and now pretty much have no money until the 25th of January. Only 26 more days to go 🙁 Oh well, it could be worse.

The weekend before Christmas my family and I surprised my oldest sister Erin by showing up at her house. She did a live nativity scene outside her church with her youth group. Boy are they a wild bunch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more “live” nativity. All in all it was a good turn out and lots of fun.

This year for Christmas, my family decided not to do Christmas presents. It was actually one of the best Christmas’ I’ve had. The only bad thing was not being able to see my sister Erin and Mike. Their dog got really sick and almost died so they had to stay and take care of it. It was great to be home and spend time with my family. Some of my high school crew were home for the holidays too and we went out to eat and played uno. It was like we hadn’t stepped a day outside of high school or away from each other. It’s amazing how you can make friends that when you finally do see each other again you still feel that sense of “home”. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I was with them for a short time.

I drove up to Justin’s parents’ house on Christmas afternoon. Justin asked me when I got there if he could use my truck to haul some wood for his PaPaw down the road. His dad was telling him to hurry because we had presents to still unwrap. About 5/10 minutes later he came back and we opened presents. I got to the presents he gave me and opened one. the box said it was a cd player but it was too light so i opened it to find a cd. then another box came and i got a cd visor and another cd. then justin told me to follow him outside and he brought me to my truck and i found the cd player already installed. the lil stinker hehe. Isn’t he awesome! This Christmas was so awesome! It seems I have everything I had wished for.

Before I left to go back home Justin checked my truck because it was smelling like gas and what do you know I had a gas leak. He spent much of the early afternoon fixing it for me (you’re awesome honey!) God really was watching out for me.

Justin and I met his Polk County crew in Hendersonville at Outback for his dad and amy’s bdays. Then I followed justin home in the truck. We had walkie talkies so it made it lots of fun on the way home.

Well I think that pretty much catches things up.