my honey


(i’m sorry if this embarrasses you in any way justin but afterall….this is my journal 😉 i love you very much! )The past little while justin has been so sweet (not that he isn’t always…well most of the time hehe) but he really has just been there for me no matter what. he hasn’t complained or really said anything negative. 2 nights ago he went with me to Lowes to get a peep hole for my apartment. we have been having someone ring our doorbell late at night and it’s just scary for two girls alone at night. he went with me without saying a word about it and helped me find what i needed and even installed it when we got home. and the other night when i had gotten some bad news about my family he came over around 1130pm even though he had to go to work in the morning, just to let me talk and help me feel better. there are so many day to day things that he does. even if it’s just a smile when i need one. or two arms to wrap around me or a gentle kiss on my forehead. he just makes my heart smile. thank you justin for all you do for me!