when it rains…


well…this has been an interesting weekend. i ended up working on saturday from 9-330 and then went to the best christmas concert! carl cartee! i wish someday he really would sing at my wedding. oh well…one can dream. then today i went to church and at childrens’ time pastor stan asked the kids if they wanted to share anything and little natalie said “my daddy doesn’t live with me anymore” how embarrassing for her mom. kids really do say the darndest things. after church was the bookstore christmas party ( i know brandon…another party hehe) we all met at wayne’s house and ate lunch…mmmm then we finally got home.

i realized i had missed a call from my sister so i called her back to find she had some bad news. my dad found out today that they are kicking him off unemployment in less than 2 weeks. talk about some notice! merry christmas to them too! he was supposed to have it until april. now i don’t know what we are gonna do 🙁 kelly said my mom cried much of the day and my dad really hasn’t said much of anything but i know he is hurting and stressing. now that i’ve had to start repaying college loans i dont have much money to spare but i will do my best to give what i can and my sisters will too but even with all of that it’s still not enough. i guess i just don’t understand how things work sometimes. i know God always knows what He is doing but it doesn’t mean i do. my family has definitely been through worse times but i sure cant wait to see how this one will work out. i love God and i know He loves me….i just wish that something special could be done for my parents. they are so awesome! and i feel so helpless. please pray something will turn up soon. thanks guys!