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what am i doing?


ok…so i’m sitting here thinking “what am i doing?” i see all these people around me who have so many gifts and so many things to offer. each one having his/her own dreams to pursue. then there’s me. i guess i never really took the time to dream. i got to thinking and i have no idea what i’d like to do with my life. none at all. i wish i was like so many…where i knew what i was good at and could go from there. so far i’ve realized i can count past 10 and can order books. woo hoo! that ought to get me somewhere 😉 i want to find my something. i want to do something and stick to it. just wish i had a place to start. i guess i’ve just always gone with what was at hand and never thought any further. maybe it’s laziness or discouragement. oh well….maybe i’ll walk out the door tomorrow morning and get hit with a huge sign from above as to what to do….otherwise i guess i’ll just sit here and ponder away 😉