Wednesday I had a bookstore party at my house. little did i know 23 people would show up. it was a blast and i had so much fun (not the pre or post cleaning part though) hehe we carved pumpkins www.wantmoore/ and matt thomas made supper and dessert. i hope everyone had a good time. after some of the people began filtering out, we started watching lion king and playing the silly games on the dvd. Then came “the song” that no one can get out of their heads. “are you achin? …for some bacon?” hehe too fun! once everyone left i took the trash to the gwu apartments (shh!) and came back to find justin snoozin on the couch. i went to my bed and fell asleep. later justin came in to say goodnight/goodbye and that’s all i remember hehe.

last night…was another story. dave came by to pick up some things he forgot and hung out awhile 🙂 then justin and i headed to his apartment for the endless task of emptying his place and moving it all to his new house, including the cats. they ended up at my place around 1230am and never let me sleep hehe. so i’m a zombie today. poor apache was looking for justin. i could have told him justin wasn’t gonna be on top of the cabinets hehe. i finally fell asleep somewhere between 6 and 630 and woke at 715 to find apache under the covers at the foot of the bed and pixel on top of the covers between my feet. it was definitely an adventure and i hope they dont destroy our apartment while we are working….we shall see!