yesterday we FINALLY got a new printer at work. A laser printer at that 🙂 It’s a cute lil bugger. Mandy went and got it at office max. when we started to hook it up we realized it didn’t come with a usb cable (thanks justin hehe) so i went back to office max and picked one up. when we finally got the printer installed on jillian’s computer, we had the wonderful task of sharing it with all of our computers (why all 4 of us have to share 1 printer i’ll never know). maxine and i kept trying and trying to install and share it on our computers and were unsuccessful. i was going to give up but when a certain someone said they figured i couldn’t do it….then i was not going to leave til i did hehe…and BAM! i figured it out 🙂 well gotta go…today i get to spend lots of money ordering books 🙂