ok so it’s totally pointless to be open today! no students are here, so basically we are here to stare at each other all day. i know i shouldn’t be complaining while things are calm and simple. in a few days i’ll be dreaming of this moment. i just wanted one more day off 😉 it’s been a busy weekend. a good one….but very busy. we are closing early today (shh) hehe just because 2 out of 5 of us already left and it’s DEAD in here. then i am off to heather’s old place to pick up some things in the truck for justin. we finished painting all the rooms in the house now. all justin has left is the trim and some other odds and ends. i’m so excited and can’t wait til everything is all moved in. it’s gonna look great!

i have a few minutes left here at work so i thought i’d share with you about my weekend since i know you really wanted to know 😉 i had the day off friday and took pixel (yes i finally named my kitten for good) to the vet, justin went with me. He was a very good boy (pixel too) 😉 j/k justin hehe. then i ran around shelby for much of the day and got my hair cut at hair expressions. then justin got off work and we went to his polk county high homecoming game. the other team was slaughtered (75-7). then we went to his parents’ for the night. i fell asleep during the news on the couch and justin was so sweet and made up the bed and brought me to it and tucked me in. then we were off the next morning to wal mart with his dad and then to best buy and target in asheville. finally we arrived at my parents’ house and took justin to see kelly’s daycare. it was a lot of fun but definitely not long enough. then sunday we went to the panthers/titans game. all i can say is GO TITANS! hehe When we got back we moved justin’s living room to his new house and watched a movie. monday was crazy as well and went by way too fast. all in all it was a great weekend.

til next time….