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wow! i have some amazing friends and family. last night (wednesday) after church justin was going to take me to his apartment to have supper (so i thought) he wanted to show me what he had done at the house all day so we went by there first. about a minute after arriving there, there was pounding at the door. to my COMPLETE surprise it was jennifer, heather, and tabitha yelling “surprise!”. my own surprise party 🙂 a day early hehe. justin’s parents even came. it was a byot (bring your own table) deal for them hehe j/k they brought justin’s kitchen table and chairs with them too. we had pizza and cake and i got awesome presents too! the funniest thing about the night was jennifer’s choice of clothing. she had never been to see justin’s house til last night and she wore a neon green shirt and black pants. needless to say she blended in perfectly in justin’s office. i’m sure he will have a pic online to show you soon. thanks guys for an amazing night! you are the best!