something’s fishy ;)


something sure smells fishy lately hehe. fish have been dying left and right around here. first my beloved lazzi, then poor diver, now justin’s beta dazzle. it seems justin’s cat must have been listening when justin mentioned wanting rid of dazzle because…well….this fish didn’t die a natural death 😉 they say things happen in threes so i guess justin’s other fish have a chance at surviving 🙂

in another unrelated topic…..if you were $80,000 where would you hide? It’s finally book inventory time and it seems we are missing a lot… i know $80,000 worth of books didn’t just walk out of here. in my opinion it’s either the deadbooks we sent to africa or a problem with the merge from a/s 400 to banner. we shall see i guess…..surprisingly i’m not stressin cuz i know i did all i needed to do and my counts are as accurate as they could be (considering we ended up counting 5 times last week).

Oh well ….everybody have a great day 🙂