Today has actually been an exciting day at work. I’ve become a terrible neat freak since starting my textbook manager position here in May. i can’t stand clutter around here and it seems there’s ALWAYS clutter. i work so hard to clean one room and someone will come along and trash it. but that’s ok cuz it’s given me plenty to do lately. this morning the overnite truck dropped off two new 500 lb. shirt displays. how many physical plant guys would you expect it takes to unload these things. 6! i guess they heard that there was a free hat in it for them and jumped on over. now, if only we could get that response when there is a leak in a dorm or any other need 😉 anyway….they are really big and really cool displays. you will have to come check them out. we have added some color in the store as far as shirts go and have gotten shirts made for women!!!

i brought lunch to justin today at work. mmmm arbys! hehe i must say i’m in a much better mood today 🙂 and only 30 more minutes to go til freedom!