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Wednesday I had a bookstore party at my house. little did i know 23 people would show up. it was a blast and i had so much fun (not the pre or post cleaning part though) hehe we carved pumpkins www.wantmoore/ and matt thomas made supper and dessert. i hope everyone had a good time. after some of the people began filtering out, we started watching lion king and playing the silly games on the dvd. Then came “the song” that no one can get out of their heads. “are you achin? …for some bacon?” hehe too fun! once everyone left i took the trash to the gwu apartments (shh!) and came back to find justin snoozin on the couch. i went to my bed and fell asleep. later justin came in to say goodnight/goodbye and that’s all i remember hehe.

last night…was another story. dave came by to pick up some things he forgot and hung out awhile 🙂 then justin and i headed to his apartment for the endless task of emptying his place and moving it all to his new house, including the cats. they ended up at my place around 1230am and never let me sleep hehe. so i’m a zombie today. poor apache was looking for justin. i could have told him justin wasn’t gonna be on top of the cabinets hehe. i finally fell asleep somewhere between 6 and 630 and woke at 715 to find apache under the covers at the foot of the bed and pixel on top of the covers between my feet. it was definitely an adventure and i hope they dont destroy our apartment while we are working….we shall see!



yesterday we FINALLY got a new printer at work. A laser printer at that 🙂 It’s a cute lil bugger. Mandy went and got it at office max. when we started to hook it up we realized it didn’t come with a usb cable (thanks justin hehe) so i went back to office max and picked one up. when we finally got the printer installed on jillian’s computer, we had the wonderful task of sharing it with all of our computers (why all 4 of us have to share 1 printer i’ll never know). maxine and i kept trying and trying to install and share it on our computers and were unsuccessful. i was going to give up but when a certain someone said they figured i couldn’t do it….then i was not going to leave til i did hehe…and BAM! i figured it out 🙂 well gotta go…today i get to spend lots of money ordering books 🙂

great day


today has been a great day for talking to far away friends. I put this entry under the “family” section because….they are! I got to talk to april today. It’s been so long since we have talked and seen each other. I even got to talk to my best friend from home, mandy. Yesterday i talked with my friend matt from “home” too. and greg, who moved forever away! i get to talk to him almost everyday. it’s not as long anymore but i still love it. now if only any of these people were here so we could do lunch. i’m starving! hehe. that would be fun, i guess i’ll go eat my pb & j sandwich alone (wahhhh, j/k) i do miss them though. well time to eat!



ok so it’s totally pointless to be open today! no students are here, so basically we are here to stare at each other all day. i know i shouldn’t be complaining while things are calm and simple. in a few days i’ll be dreaming of this moment. i just wanted one more day off 😉 it’s been a busy weekend. a good one….but very busy. we are closing early today (shh) hehe just because 2 out of 5 of us already left and it’s DEAD in here. then i am off to heather’s old place to pick up some things in the truck for justin. we finished painting all the rooms in the house now. all justin has left is the trim and some other odds and ends. i’m so excited and can’t wait til everything is all moved in. it’s gonna look great!

i have a few minutes left here at work so i thought i’d share with you about my weekend since i know you really wanted to know 😉 i had the day off friday and took pixel (yes i finally named my kitten for good) to the vet, justin went with me. He was a very good boy (pixel too) 😉 j/k justin hehe. then i ran around shelby for much of the day and got my hair cut at hair expressions. then justin got off work and we went to his polk county high homecoming game. the other team was slaughtered (75-7). then we went to his parents’ for the night. i fell asleep during the news on the couch and justin was so sweet and made up the bed and brought me to it and tucked me in. then we were off the next morning to wal mart with his dad and then to best buy and target in asheville. finally we arrived at my parents’ house and took justin to see kelly’s daycare. it was a lot of fun but definitely not long enough. then sunday we went to the panthers/titans game. all i can say is GO TITANS! hehe When we got back we moved justin’s living room to his new house and watched a movie. monday was crazy as well and went by way too fast. all in all it was a great weekend.

til next time….



wow! i have some amazing friends and family. last night (wednesday) after church justin was going to take me to his apartment to have supper (so i thought) he wanted to show me what he had done at the house all day so we went by there first. about a minute after arriving there, there was pounding at the door. to my COMPLETE surprise it was jennifer, heather, and tabitha yelling “surprise!”. my own surprise party 🙂 a day early hehe. justin’s parents even came. it was a byot (bring your own table) deal for them hehe j/k they brought justin’s kitchen table and chairs with them too. we had pizza and cake and i got awesome presents too! the funniest thing about the night was jennifer’s choice of clothing. she had never been to see justin’s house til last night and she wore a neon green shirt and black pants. needless to say she blended in perfectly in justin’s office. i’m sure he will have a pic online to show you soon. thanks guys for an amazing night! you are the best!

something’s fishy ;)


something sure smells fishy lately hehe. fish have been dying left and right around here. first my beloved lazzi, then poor diver, now justin’s beta dazzle. it seems justin’s cat must have been listening when justin mentioned wanting rid of dazzle because…well….this fish didn’t die a natural death 😉 they say things happen in threes so i guess justin’s other fish have a chance at surviving 🙂

in another unrelated topic…..if you were $80,000 where would you hide? It’s finally book inventory time and it seems we are missing a lot… i know $80,000 worth of books didn’t just walk out of here. in my opinion it’s either the deadbooks we sent to africa or a problem with the merge from a/s 400 to banner. we shall see i guess…..surprisingly i’m not stressin cuz i know i did all i needed to do and my counts are as accurate as they could be (considering we ended up counting 5 times last week).

Oh well ….everybody have a great day 🙂



ok so weeks ago wayne and i sat down and planned out a date for book inventory. it was later than i really wanted it to be but i decided to get over it. that date was supposed to be on monday this week. I had everything counted and ready. then wayne was no where to be found on monday. so i thought…ok tuesday….guess not..then he told me wednesday or thursday and actually said “you know i’m pushing you off right?” so me being in the “wonderful” mood i’ve been in lately just sucked it up. now, this morning (thursday) he tells me it wont be til next week! This will mean that i’ve counted the blasted books 4 times! and will have to again next week. why do i always have to be pushed off for last? this puts me sooo far behind with spring books. oh well i guess i better go shake it off.



Today has actually been an exciting day at work. I’ve become a terrible neat freak since starting my textbook manager position here in May. i can’t stand clutter around here and it seems there’s ALWAYS clutter. i work so hard to clean one room and someone will come along and trash it. but that’s ok cuz it’s given me plenty to do lately. this morning the overnite truck dropped off two new 500 lb. shirt displays. how many physical plant guys would you expect it takes to unload these things. 6! i guess they heard that there was a free hat in it for them and jumped on over. now, if only we could get that response when there is a leak in a dorm or any other need 😉 anyway….they are really big and really cool displays. you will have to come check them out. we have added some color in the store as far as shirts go and have gotten shirts made for women!!!

i brought lunch to justin today at work. mmmm arbys! hehe i must say i’m in a much better mood today 🙂 and only 30 more minutes to go til freedom!