hodge podge


wow, i must be slacking. a whole 10 days since my last entry hehe.

this past weekend was SOOO fun! i must say that atlanta is not my favorite place due to multiple roads named basically the same thing, but the braves game was awesome! my first live baseball game…hot dogs and all. after some of those cab rides i’m just happy to be alive. we ate at this awesome place called sambuca. i loved it! it was the perfect atmosphere. there was a live jazz band and candle lit tables. brandon, meagan, justin, and i really got a chance to sit and talk about anything and everything. it was fun! i cant wait til the next adventure.

tomorrow i get my kitty finally!!! i pick him up after work. i really hope apache will like having a brother around. saturday i will have to get up early to watch them while justin works. poor thing doesn’t have a name but i’m workin on it. any suggestions?

before i go ….i just wanted to mention, in case i haven’t said it before….i hate spreadsheets!!!
yeah….random i am tonight.