friday was a terrible day for dying. i mean….johnny cash, john ritter, ….and most of all…my fish lazarus. i know what you’re thinkin. ‘it’s just a fish bonnie!’….this wasnt just any fish….this was a special fish. i got him from a coworker at good ole winn-dixie over a year ago. he had won it at the carnival. i took it home and it was huge. i woke up the next morning to find an empty little aquarium. i searched the floor to find him barely alive on the carpet. i couldn’t flush him so i thought i would put him back in the water until he died. i found out later that my mom had found him on the carpet around 8am and i woke up and put him in the tank around 11am…so for at least 3 hours he was on the carpet. my mom thought he was dead and was late for work so she left him there for me to find later. a few hours later i went down to get the fish to flush him and he was swimming around perfectly fine. i will never have an explanation for that fish hehe. then on friday while on lunch break i heard rocks stirring and looked to see lazzi floating from the top to the bottom of the tank upside down. i guess i couldn’t expect another miracle…a few hours later he was still dead. RIP little guy!