strange happenings


ok….so this has definitely been a strange couple of days. It seems that a lot of my guy friends have been resurfacing. Yesterday my friend Greg from charlotte that i haven’t seen in over a year, was on his way to nashville and stopped in the bookstore to see me. his company rented him a mustang convertable. of course it was BRIGHT yellow! but hey non the less it was cool! then last night while i was checking my usual sites…,, etc…my ex jason popped up on aol instant messenger. he ended up calling me and talking to me for over an hour….gosh its been like 2 years since i have heard from him. Then this afternoon while at work my friend matt called my cell phone…it was quite a surprise! it’s just so weird how things tend to happen all at once.

3 more weeks til i get my kitty!!!! i can’t wait! i just hope that “kitty” and apache get along hehe or justin could be in for a few sleepless nights 😉

hopefully tomorrow (friday) justin and i will be going to the crest/shelby high school football game after work. it seems to be “the” thing to do around here. i’m thinking i’m more of a crest girl. not sure what justin has decided on. hopefully crest so i wont be sitting alone 😉

I really really ‘hope’ it doesn’t rain on saturday so justin and i can finally! finish the hope chest. then it looks like we might be traveling to charlotte to olive garden MMMM 🙂 with brandon and meagan. is it saturday yet? hehe it’s gonna be a lot of fun. i’m looking forward to meeting meagan. i’ve heard good things about her.