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The most amazing thing happened to me. Don’t you wish you knew what it was? 😉

hodge podge


wow, i must be slacking. a whole 10 days since my last entry hehe.

this past weekend was SOOO fun! i must say that atlanta is not my favorite place due to multiple roads named basically the same thing, but the braves game was awesome! my first live baseball game…hot dogs and all. after some of those cab rides i’m just happy to be alive. we ate at this awesome place called sambuca. i loved it! it was the perfect atmosphere. there was a live jazz band and candle lit tables. brandon, meagan, justin, and i really got a chance to sit and talk about anything and everything. it was fun! i cant wait til the next adventure.

tomorrow i get my kitty finally!!! i pick him up after work. i really hope apache will like having a brother around. saturday i will have to get up early to watch them while justin works. poor thing doesn’t have a name but i’m workin on it. any suggestions?

before i go ….i just wanted to mention, in case i haven’t said it before….i hate spreadsheets!!!
yeah….random i am tonight.



friday was a terrible day for dying. i mean….johnny cash, john ritter, ….and most of all…my fish lazarus. i know what you’re thinkin. ‘it’s just a fish bonnie!’….this wasnt just any fish….this was a special fish. i got him from a coworker at good ole winn-dixie over a year ago. he had won it at the carnival. i took it home and it was huge. i woke up the next morning to find an empty little aquarium. i searched the floor to find him barely alive on the carpet. i couldn’t flush him so i thought i would put him back in the water until he died. i found out later that my mom had found him on the carpet around 8am and i woke up and put him in the tank around 11am…so for at least 3 hours he was on the carpet. my mom thought he was dead and was late for work so she left him there for me to find later. a few hours later i went down to get the fish to flush him and he was swimming around perfectly fine. i will never have an explanation for that fish hehe. then on friday while on lunch break i heard rocks stirring and looked to see lazzi floating from the top to the bottom of the tank upside down. i guess i couldn’t expect another miracle…a few hours later he was still dead. RIP little guy!



this weekend was once again crazy but very exciting. i found out on friday that i had the opportunity to have my whole family in one spot (which doesn’t happen often), here! the only catch was….no one could know about it but me and my oldest sister erin. well….we tried it that way at least. finally i had to call kelly’s cell and get her to convince my parents to come here. i tried telling them justin had to work, jennifer was out, AND it was family weekend. None of which were all that successful but with kelly’s help and a little guilt trip they got in the car and came here. gosh it was like pulling teeth or something. do i smell that bad? 😉 (dont answer that!) erin had an extra hour or so of a ride from the opposite direction and she told me to keep my family at the apartment. it just couldn’t be that easy hehe so after many hours of trying to leave notice of where we were going, we were reunited back at my apartment. the funniest part was when my parents parked right next to erin’s car in the driveway and didn’t even put two and two together. it was hilarious! but i’m glad things finally worked out. i made pasta salad and we sat around and talked and laughed. justin’s family even made a cameo appearance. all in all it was a good day!



wow this weekend flew….and apparently it did for most everyone i’ve spoken to. friday was so much fun going to the crest/shelby game. of course my team didn’t win but it was fun anyway and a change of scenery. saturday was supposed to be the day to finally finish the hope chest but some silly girl left the poly’ at her parents house 😉 so that was a lost cause. then justin and i went shopping and the greatest thing happened. i went down a whole size or two!!!…depending on how you look at it. i haven’t worn this size since maybe middle school 🙂 then it was off to olive garden with brandon and meagan. i must say i’ve never met another couple that i just clicked with right away. it was so much fun! they are awesome people! and now it’s monday…bleh! but the bright side….only 4 more days til the next weekend hehe

strange happenings


ok….so this has definitely been a strange couple of days. It seems that a lot of my guy friends have been resurfacing. Yesterday my friend Greg from charlotte that i haven’t seen in over a year, was on his way to nashville and stopped in the bookstore to see me. his company rented him a mustang convertable. of course it was BRIGHT yellow! but hey non the less it was cool! then last night while i was checking my usual sites…,, etc…my ex jason popped up on aol instant messenger. he ended up calling me and talking to me for over an hour….gosh its been like 2 years since i have heard from him. Then this afternoon while at work my friend matt called my cell phone…it was quite a surprise! it’s just so weird how things tend to happen all at once.

3 more weeks til i get my kitty!!!! i can’t wait! i just hope that “kitty” and apache get along hehe or justin could be in for a few sleepless nights 😉

hopefully tomorrow (friday) justin and i will be going to the crest/shelby high school football game after work. it seems to be “the” thing to do around here. i’m thinking i’m more of a crest girl. not sure what justin has decided on. hopefully crest so i wont be sitting alone 😉

I really really ‘hope’ it doesn’t rain on saturday so justin and i can finally! finish the hope chest. then it looks like we might be traveling to charlotte to olive garden MMMM 🙂 with brandon and meagan. is it saturday yet? hehe it’s gonna be a lot of fun. i’m looking forward to meeting meagan. i’ve heard good things about her.