what a day


today was interesting….after a restless night of sleep, i woke up and got ready for church. sunday school was the best it’s been in awhile. lunsford was there so that made it fun and i loved the lesson. sometimes i just feel like i’m just sitting there not getting anything out of the lesson. my favorite line out of the lesson was, “only when you are able to extend grace to others will you recognize the magnitude of God’s grace to you.” it really made me think. then, after church we said good bye to erin and ended up chasing her down 150 with the things she had forgotten. then it was time to fly down the road to nikki’s bridal shower….i’ve never seen so much lingerie in one spot! especially a church! lol….anyway, then it was time for church again. boy was that interesting…..i wont say anything about that….for it could come back to bite me. there are a lot of things i have come to find that i will never understand. well….time to begin yet another exhausting week.