i’ve come to the conclusion that i shouldnt be driving when i’m tired….especially at night. i dont know how many times tonight i drifted off into my own world and forgot where i was going or ended up somewhere i didn’t necessarily want to be. it was interesting to say the least. i think i also might have run over a snake tonight..mmmm! 😉 tabitha was at the apartment with the girls tonight. i haven’t seen her since graduationish time. she has been in africa for most of the summer. it was great to see her again.

i went home last night to see my uncle i haven’t seen in a few years……boy can he talk! but it wasn’t so bad and we got some work done on my sister’s daycare today. i hated the long trip back but i made it. well since i haven’t really found anything interesting to say and its after midnight, i suppose i should get off here and dry my hair and go to bed. church will come way too soon….and it’s gonna be a LONG….napless day tomorrow.