Lunsford is here visiting this week and tonight for entertainment we are highlighting her hair. This should prove to be interesting. We just got back from CVS and we were the customers I hate because we went in 4 minutes before closing time. I just hope Erin and Jennifer are still on speaking terms once they are finished.
Other news….I think I might actually get my new computer at work tomorrow. It’s about time! I’ve been working crazy hours trying to get all my work done so info services can kidnap my Courseworks program for a few days to upgrade it. Justin was so sweet last night. He went back to work with me after church and helped me move my desks around and saved important documents and such on my computer. Wayne says we might actually get some help in the bookstore soon. I’ll try not to hold my breathe 😉 Well…I’m gonna go check on the girls and see if everyone is still breathing.