awful day


Ok…let me just tell you that work today SUCKED!!! I felt like I was running in a million circles and never getting anywhere. More and more work along with several problems kept popping up and I was being told what to do by at least 3 different people. Each having their own idea of what I should do and how I should do it. I’ve been staying at work almost 12 hours a day without a lunch break and still haven’t been able to meet (or barely meet) deadlines. I keep thinking…Bonnie this will be over soon, you can do it….and then out of nowhere more gets dumped on me. After numerous attempts at getting Courseworks to work, I finally gave up and went to Heather’s for some delicious supper. Ok, I’ve had my spout for the moment. Oh well, I guess that’s life. Now i’m tuckered out…I do believe it’s time for bed. Didn’t I just get home? Geez time flies! Well…I’m out for now…..I do want to post an entry or two about the beach….but later.