what a weekend!


where to start….how bout Friday. I got up at my usual time of 7:15 and went to work. After work I met Justin, Jennifer, Matt, and Brandy at Justin’s apartment. We all rode in Brandy’s NICE black passport to the Alabama concert in Charlotte. It poured off and on all the way there and stopped just as we pulled up to the Verizon Ampitheater. What a concert! So many great songs. Three hours worth. I’m not even a southern girl 😉 and I knew most of them. Then we headed to Waffle House where a waitress named Bonnie was being shouted at (drove me nuts!). Finally we headed home and I think I finally got in bed around 2am just to turn around and get up at 7:15. Yeah it was Saturday but I met my friend LeAnne at the bookstore to work on book returns all day. Then I drove to Brevard to my parents’ house for the night. Now my weekend is over and it’s time to start another week. Hope I survive! Justin and I are heading to the beach on Wednesday when I get off work to meet his family until Sunday. Someday this madness will end and I will definitely catch up on some much needed rest. Well I’m more or less testing this out. Sorry to bore you to death (not that anyone is reading this hehe) Time for bed! See ya!